I want to share with you today, One Secret that can make you increase your Business Bottom Line, Retain Customers and keep them for life.

This is the secret of those people you see that show you big fat cheques use in making 6-7 figure incomes online. They have been using this and they seems never to run out of making a sale or two.

First things first, Do you have a Business Website OR Blog?

If you do, then you are set to make huge profits, because in today’s Commerce World, if you are not online, then you have not started business at all!!

However, if you don’t have one yet, no problem, what I am going to show you will help you put one together.

YES Back to Our Secret Weapon for Increased Profit

It is Simple, You need to get your Customers OR Visitors into a Database where you can reach them for life!

Imagine you have a Business website (MLM Blog, Product Website, Service Website etc)  and people visit it a lot from time to time, from Facebook, from LinkedIn, from Twitter, From Google, from everywhere (your business card, your signboard, your banner, your ads etc), but you have nothing to keep them, Get their Details and to be able to reach them. Not everyone will check your Contact Page. So, they just come and go! Sorry you just lost Potential Clients.

But if you have something, a software, a Lead funnel that can make your Site Visitors to DROP their NAMES AND/OR EMAILS, and this enters into your database, then you have entered into the league of Online Money makers.


If you do business Online and you have no Email marketing Program Set up on your Site, sorry you can hardly make sustainable income.

You must Have Heard a Couple of times that MONEY IS IN THE LIST. Have you ever given it a thought. Sometimes you wonder how some small boys online will just announce to you that they have just created a new product and in 3-5 days, they come and announce they just made Millions of Naira on this new product. You become so amazed. Probably you also got the product and it looked like crap compared to what you can create.

Well, here is the secret! They have a huge list, imagine selling a product of $20 to a list of 10,000 subscribers. If only 1000 buys, that is $20,000 in income.

This is the Reward of Building a List of Customer Emails.

List building is the process of adding new subscribers to your mailing list. This subscriber gives you their email address in exchange for receiving certain information, a special offer, or a free gift.

If you Check Below this Post, you will see a form asking you to Drop you Name and Email to get my Secret Code Book and also get my Newsletter sent to your email regularly, well (don’t hold me by the neck), that is LIST BUILDING! So, if you come to my website, I want you to drop your details for me before you go… so I can always contact you whenever I want. So, its a win-win, I give you something quality in exchange for your Details.


Imagine you have a website which is attracting at least 1000 visitors per day, you may have an offer which you want them to buy. It’s possible a handful of them saw your Products and loves to buy, but because they were not ready, or they need more conviction, they told themselves i will come back and read up again. Best guess, they forgot!!

What if you gave then a free Download Review of the product, or another information of quality they cannot resist but download in exchange for their Email. Then you are building a list. 5 years time, you can still send them messages if they are still subscribed to your list.



  1. You need an Email Marketing Software
  2. You need to Offer your visitors an Information or A Product of great value for free (Just like i am offering below)
  3. Connect with your List at least weekly.


There are Email Marketing Solutions with Big names and rated as tops, they are

  1. Aweber
  2. Getresponse
  3. Mailchimp
  4. iContact
  5. Allinoneprofit
  6. Traffic Wave

and lots more. I was using Getresponse before. However, as your list grows, the fees you pay increases. I was paying $15 monthly, then it moved to $20 then to $45 every month. Same for most other Solutions too. SO, if you have a huge list, you’ve got to pay higher fees monthly to maintain it. This has made many people run away from Email Marketing. But without Email Marketing, you cannot make sustainable income online.

My Story, Some months ago, when I forgot to pay my monthly rental, partly may be because i was angry the fees are going up sha, I LOST MY LIST of course along with all the money i have been paying faithfully, though I made good money from my list. I became so frustrated. Until I came Across Another good Platform which practically Blew me Away with the awesome package. (Well, may be because i am a Networking Professional)

This Platform gave me a Flat rate monthly to be paid, and Amazingly It has a MLM program attached which give me 100% commission every month on every single person I refer. This has added another stream of income to my MLM business. So, instead of having to pay for my LIST BUILDING, now I get paid because I showed some people now you THIS AMAZING EMAIL MARKETING SERVICE.

You can register for free, just CLICK HERE now, you can now choose the Plan. Good thing, if you refer just one person, you bill is taking care of every month. If you Refer 2 or 3, you will be paid every month for life as long as your referrers are using the service.

They have MORE in the package, you will also get Free Web Hosting, Free Ebooks and training, Free Tutorial on how to Use the Platform. It’s simply Amazing. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO LEARN MORE


If you prefer to go for other Email Marketing Solutions, feel free. They are also good, But I choose to use this because it does not only Serve my Purpose of building my list (This is what i use on my website), It also makes me Residual Income.

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About odofin caleb

Odofin Caleb Is a Professional Network Marketing Trainer, Coach and IT Consultant and passionate about helping people succeed. His 5 year goal is to help about 250 people to earn 6 figure income monthly in Network marketing Business.

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