I Cannot Network | Most Ridiculous Feedback.. See Why


I Cannot Network | Most Ridiculous Feedback.. See Why

First of all, what is Network Marketing? Network marketing is a marketing system where you use WORD OF MOUTH or personal Recommendation to sell a Product or service to people for a share in company Profit.

Tell me? Who does not do that, even for a personal business. Everyone does recommend one thing or the other, the only difference is, some people DO IT FOR FREE while other Get paid doing it. Well, i like the latter, give me a good offer, i will tell it at the roof top what you sell.

So, when I hear people tell me. i cannot do networking. it sounds ridiculous to my ears. Really. let’s look at this:

Everyone Does one business or the other even if its not an MLM business?

So, i ask this question; How do you get people to know about your Business?

Different answers ooo.

  • I show them,
  • I share flyers,
  • I put in on my facebook.
  • I put it on instagram
  • I tell my friends and family, what i do
  • etc etc.

Then, the next question is?

What is the difference your marketing methods and Network marketing method?

I think, the difference is simple, you do the same thing for your business/job but 

  • At your own pace
  • When its convenient
  • If you aren’t getting result, no one will be on your neck for it except its an employment job where you get fired
  • You change business quickly
  • You don’t have a particular reward level you are looking at except to at least sell

Because if you can effectively market your business, then you can effectively do a network marketing business.

The Challenge people have with Network marketing is this:

  1. Someone told them, they can make it fast, but if the fast is running into months and they are not making headway, they quit! Because, well its not their personal business and no one will whip then for quiting.
  2. They start as Novices in the business and do not spend time to LEARN first, they just want to EARN first. However, in Network marketing, Both LEARNING and EARNING must go hand in hand, learning is more at the beginning, Earning is less, but when learning is effective, Earnings become more.
  3. They look for Sign Ups instead of Partners. If its all about the earnings to you, then your failure is SURE in Network marketing industry. Reason, according to an expert, MLM is more of Farming than Hunting, Hunting is just looking for people to signup and then going after the next and the next, Farming is looking for people to Partner with, Cultivate, Teach and motivate to success. Farming takes a Process (Plant, Cultivate, water it, weed it, Prune it, then Harvest it) Hunting is once and for all, make the kill (Gbam!, Done)
  4. They Depend on their Upline OR Team for their Success: Learn this now, no one is responsible for your success but you! if your upline talks for you, present for you, travel for you. Soon, others will also need his time, the time he has with you will not always be there. You have to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY from start. Learn, Master and Go farming.
  • If you cannot present, learn how to
  • If you don’t understand your company compensation plan and cannot explain it Off Heart, Sit with it
  • If you don’t know how to use your Company Product or Service.. Learn it!

5.  I Can Do Bad All By myself (in Madia voice)- This is a very wrong way. If you are not yet a Professional in that field, humble yourself and ASK questions, that is why you have a Team, that is why you have an Upline. People who succeed most in MLM are people who ASK TOO Much questions. I have a couple of them in my team,( you know what, I love them most) because they are the one who GROW fast.  It doesn’t matter if you have succeeded in one company before, when you join another company…. LEARN.

6. They do NOT Do enough to succeed: Most times when people join a new company, naturally the first place to start in TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. This really is also the most difficult place in this industry, this is where most OUGHT TO BE MLM SUPERSTARS end their dream. Your worst DREAM KILLERS are among your Friends and Family and your BEST DREAM HELPERS too are there. So, if the first 5 to 1o friends and family you tell are Dream Killers , then there is a Problem. You have not told enough of them to find your Dream Helper. However, before you do you give up. The Fact is, you are yet to enter into the MARKET that will make you a Millionaire, these are People you don’t even know and have NEVER met.

Who is More? People you Know or People you don’t Know?

Obviously, people you Don’t Know are Billion times more than People you know. So, until you have entered that People I Don’t Know Market, how can you determine if you will succeed or Not.  You need to spend time Building you Network marketing Business. It pays. If what you saw when you join, the Dream you had when you joined is Big enough, then keep the Dream Alive. Go for the Goal!!



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Odofin Caleb Is a Professional Network Marketing Trainer, Coach and IT Consultant and passionate about helping people succeed. His 5 year goal is to help about 250 people to earn 6 figure income monthly in Network marketing Business.

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