This is an Eye Opener, believe it or not, this write up will open your eyes. One of the most successful people in history is our Lord Jesus Christ himself. Within a period of 3 years, he started a ministry and finished it successfully just as planned.
He understood the principle of leveraging and he employed it in growing the ministry he started and today this ministry has billions of members around the world in which I am definitely one of them.
Speaking businesswise, that is a successful venture. If you can start a business and thousands of years after you have gone, the business is still growing strong, then you are successful. We have people in history who have achieved great feats like this in business.
The secret of success of any business is, the quality of the product and the strategy used in getting it to the end user repeatedly and continuously.
Jesus mixed these secrets together and he was able to succeed in 3 years. Firstly, He had a good product (the gospel) that everyone can embrace and love and the product worth more than the cost any man can pay for.
Secret One: If you can have a good product worth more than anyone can pay for, then you have achieved the first success secret that Jesus used.

The second principle Jesus applied is a secret that is also being used today but has been bastardized, done wrongly, and many have burnt their finger trying to apply the same principle without knowledge. This is talking about the VEHICLE Jesus used to present His product.
Notice that when he was about to start working, he did not go to the mountain to preach, nor did he go to the synagogue like he used to do, Rather he went about looking for few people that he will personally teach and train everything they need to know about his product and how he intends to push it to the market. From the Inner 3 to the 12, then to the 70 before the crowd. Are you getting this principle.
Hold on a minute, why did he not just go on the street and start preaching, I am the Messiah, I am the King of the Jew, Rather he took team ( those he called to follow him) and taught then about the Kingdom. Notice that all the time he preached, he did not chase anyone that wishes to hear away but he still goes back and explained all He says to the 12. Out of the 12, he also has a particular 3 he recognized as His strong men and he worked more with them.
Now you are getting the drift! The business model Jesus used that can make you super rich is the model of Good Product + Network Marketing.
Why people have failed using this model
1. They do not have a good product that they are promoting and some do not even have a product at all, such as the ponzi scheme and some pyramid networks.
2. Most people actually go after the crowd and are just out looking for as many people as they can gather, they do not train, teach, educate, work as a team nor even spend time (like 3 years) with those they bring into their business. It has happened to me twice before I discovered this secret. I was introduced to a good product and opportunity but I was not brought into any team nor received attention from my upline. I was simply recruited and left to figure out how I can move and enslave other people in my ignorance. This is actually recruiting and not Sponsoring.
Jesus sponsored his disciples, he did not recruit them, Sponsoring means, bring in, work for, train, test, re-train, strategize together.
Notice also that the disciple at time ran into crises when there was a great surge in the number of people being converted and there was grumbling and misunderstanding. The Holy spirit reminded then again of Jesus Model, which is; empower a few, teach, train, test, re-train and launch out. So they decided to appoint 7 people who will be able to handle the number of people joining the fold.
3. They want to get result fast and loose focus of following the model. They want to get rich fast. This model will make you rich fast but it comes gradually and it comes if you build a solid foundation sponsoring few people and working with them.

See the analysis below between Network Marketing Model and Income and paid employment income. I am basing this analysis on the returns from the business opportunity I am now promoting using this model, the initial capital is $250 and the team no are the team target per month. The last column is for a salary earner who earns big per month and the possible income he might get in 12 month. Note that this analysis is not impossible but shows the potential of network marketing.

We can see from the above table, all you need to do in NM is to bring in your first 3 people, take a break and work for them, train them, teach them, test them, re-train them so to be able to bring in their first 3 also in the second month. This is reproduced down the line. That’s the Jesus Business Model.
You can appreciate and get better understanding of these when you belong to a run a business with this model with a team that understand how things work and committed to it.
Note that if you are a sales person with a sweet tongue, your ability to make it with this model is thing but possible. You will be able to bring in 2 people in your first month, then you will not be able to sponsor them rather they become recruits and I can bet you that you will loose 90% of them before 3 months. The point is few is better.

We run a PLAY- PAUSE-PLAY system in our team and we are committed to it. To succeed, you must consistently meet and strategize with your team members and be sure everyone is working with knowledge. This business is a People Helping People Succeed Model.

So to succeed like Jesus did and become super rich, look for a company that have a Product that has far more value what it cost to invest in it and a product that under promise but over deliver.
Then look if the company has a good marketing plan that encourages team marketing and not salesmanship. Model that ensures people must help people before they succeed.

Odofin Caleb

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Odofin Caleb Is a Professional Network Marketing Trainer, Coach and IT Consultant and passionate about helping people succeed. His 5 year goal is to help about 250 people to earn 6 figure income monthly in Network marketing Business.

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