Oil Well In My Backyard: A personal life story


Oil Well In My Backyard: A personal life story

This is my story, to clear the air, the oil I hit is not Crude Oil, but I got something much more better, no FEAR of it drying up soon, what i am doing now islaying my pipes now to keep drawing from the well.

My bible says, a good man lays up inheritance for his Children’s Children. I now know I have found such an inheritance to leave.

The Oil Well I hit is Royale Business Club!

My journey started in 2002 precisely, when this fellow young undergraduate rode a nice new posh car into the Campus which we were told he made in a very short period doing Forever Living product. Before I knew it, my good friend and Room mate also ventured into the Business. They called it network Marketing, well I never heard of this before but as a young man, I really got interested.

My “Bunkee” in school successfully convinced me to join the business and I was so excited to join, hopefully I will ride my posh car soon into the Campus before graduation. Well, that dream never came to pass. I was in the business, trying to make it work  not knowing what to do for two year, then I gave Up. However, everyone around me knew I was really into something.

After a few years, another came and a Close Senior friend came over to my parents to introduce Tianshi and I was pointed to as the man who may be interested and with “experience”, imagine. So, not to disappoint the trust, I launched into Tianshi again and my senior friend was the Super Star Upline, I was following without learning, trying to do it my own way… Well, we gave up anyway.

At this point I was done with Network Marketing. A few years later, an Uncle came again to my parents with another program, Kedi, this time around I was not in for it, but I was registered, “ to encourage me”, but forget me, I was not in for “this business again”, so I did nothing, not one downline! So, however, it has entered my “MLM CV” that I did Kedi too.

However, every time I attend their meetings, I always admire the high income earners, surprised at how they are making these BIG INCOME, however, I don’t remember ever approaching any of them to Teach Me. Once I hear the lectures, always similar, I am out.

So, the Next that came was Avenues to wealth! This was my first Training Ground where I really started understanding that it takes you to learn and take action for you to get results. I loved this company, the company stretched us in training. However, my shortcoming was, I did not take action, I still a “common demon telling me” it doesn’t work, just like many Nigerians will tell you today. So, I did not take action, No goals, No Plan, just learning, learning, learning and learning.

I decided, No more Network Marketing for me, like some of you will say today.  So, any Product Based Network Marketing in Nigeria, it’s a NO!  NO!.

Well, somewhere within, I never knew I was not done.

 So, next I got wind of another which centered around what I use daily, Call Credits, helps me make cheap calls and all and its not Physical product but Service, good.  Very affordable to any poor Nigerian, I felt, yeah this will work. So, I jumped in again (covering face now… I hope you are not disappointed).

Well, this was the beginning of my Transformation, I met the Man then Called Olusola Popoola, My Mentor for life. He took many of us by hand and showed us what Network Marketing really is and how to succeed doing the business. He made us realize, there is difference between the ART of NETWORK MARKETING and THE SCIENCE of NETWORK MARKETING. We all know the ART, Sell, sell, sell, Bring people, bring people, bring people and that is what most people know till today and this can never bring you to the point of financial freedom. So, I learnt a new way, I rocked Gistandcash so well. Until, the Service Provider, One of the Telecoms company changed policy and killed the business, but it was a win win.

I have learnt, I now know what it takes to be an MLM Rockstar. So, I started to look for the next opportunity do.

Now, All my personal businesses, I started infusing a form of Compensation plan into it, giving Affiliate commission, creating multi level commission for my marketers. Lol, it’s now in the blood.


Then some new companies came in, and said , with little capital, no selling of product, Just pay one time and Earn for life. You know what, I joined one H2i, I joined another Riiab and I joined a third Cool Million. They were cheap to join.  Then I started rocking it, following the lessons I learnt.

However, there was so much effort, but the income was coming in only when people sign up, somehow I felt something is wrong somewhere, I couldn’t place my hands.  What was wrong?  See this Post here.

Finally, I turned to God for a change and with a month Prayer and Fasting ( Truly God answers Prayers), immediately after this exercise, a lady from Philipinnes contacted me On facebook and asked me to look at an opportunity called ROYALE BUSINESS CLUB (Thanks Cherize Maliski…I wished I had lots of smileys to show appreciation  ) .

My family appreciate you Cherize!!

I looked at it, went to the website, downloaded all the Product videos. Downloaded the Compensation Plan (Never seen so good plan before)

You know what, I created a website of my own for the business, before I even got the money to join. Then like twice I raised the money and I signed up.

You know what, the first Person I showed the business too, was my MENTOR. As usual, he will want to critic it and show me flaws, merits and demerits of the plan. You know what, he found non, rather he joined.

Accross my way came Patrick Bryan , a Royale Millionaire, who also found me and Mentored me on the Business. Patrick, you Rock! Thanks too.

Why Royale Business Club is An Oil Well

It’s 10 year old by this year 2016 globally and less than a year now in Nigeria. It has made thousands of millionaires in a short period.

See as example below. Royale Pays in 10 ways. One of the ways is called Matching Bonus where you earn an additional income of N5,800 for every two members who joined at the lowest level. Now for a conservative (or Lazy) networker who just used 1 month to register two people and then tell s the two to do the same, and everyone in that team is just doing 2 (and go to sleep) , 2 and go to sleep.

See the income potential below


However, based on my training and the SYSTEM we have put in place in my team, when you come onboard, we have a scheduled 30 day work activity we will do with you, requires a little daily commitment of about 1-2 hours at the minimum. If you follow the SYSTEM and we together review daily for 30days. You are guaranteed a minimum of 5 new Team members. Now, all you have to do is pass the same system down to your New team members and show them how to also work the system. See below what your income will be like.


Imagine you decide to do this 30 days work plan on multiple account and let’s say you have 10 accounts. Once this account reach the 6 month mark , each account can be earning 2 million minimum per month in Matching Bonus Alone. If you ADD the other 9 income Stream… Na Ooil Moneyyy be that (like my east brothers will call it) .

Today, i have result in just two months better than the over 12 years of MLM wilderness. Light has come. No matter what anyones opinion is, I can boldly say MLM is an Answer to Financial Freedom for anyone .

What  Really Made the Change in my Results

When I discovered MLM SUCCESS is all about Learning + Doing = Earning

I picked out 5 top Multi million Dollar Earners Annually, I started learning from them, Attending Midnight Webinars, Eating Up their Materials, and also i show up for Most meetings in the Company Office, recognise leaders and i approach them for advice, I even went after the Top Earner in Royale, and he gave me just 1 KEY (This i share with my team members every chance i have). So, the journey is different, I don’t see set back anywhere anymore.

I have tried this System for 3 months now, and IT’S WORKING. Every Professional Networker must have a SYSTEM, simple enough to pass to New Team members and effective enough to deliver. This is what we have and I’m so SOLD OUT.

Will you Rock Royale Business Club With Me?  This is My Dream?

2021, my dream with my spouse that we were looking as a long term dream will be achieved. This is A PRIVATE OWNED ESTATE for customized use. This already in View and this brings to to how we intend to achieve it.

This is the Plan, I know how you can make millions easily in Royale, Example is what you see above in the analysis. So, I am committed to help 250 people to start earning at least 1 Million naira in residual income every month through Royale Business Club and we are looking for people who also have BIG DREAMS, Who are ready to Achieve their Dreams and are Committed to following a Simple Effective System daily in their first 30 days and will also be interested in helping others.

So, if you fit in, You can go to this Page to Send Me a Message, then we pick up from there. I am on High Octane Energy now to help People succeed in this Royale Business Club.

This is my Story, This is My Oil Well!

Network Marketing is the Best Way to Go!

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Odofin Caleb Is a Professional Network Marketing Trainer, Coach and IT Consultant and passionate about helping people succeed. His 5 year goal is to help about 250 people to earn 6 figure income monthly in Network marketing Business.

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