What’s the Beef, Aren’t You a Network Marketer too?


What’s the Beef, Aren’t You a Network Marketer too?

Who Are Network Marketers?

The Television Stations involve in Network Marketing, their viewers are the Network, the company whose product they promote are the Advertisers. E.g they show MTN Ads for a share of MTN profit, They are committed to the big Companies that Pay well, e.g Coca Cola etc

I am A network marketer, I have my friends, family, acquaintances as my Network, I take a companies product and tell my Network sincerely good the products are for a cut in the companies profit when they receive my Networks patronage.

You are a Network marketer, you have your friends and family as your Network, you promote Shoprite bread as one of the best bread in Lagos and your family goes to buy it. Only you don’t get a cut in profit as there is no deal with the company, Same way you recommend your Barber and that hairdresser that designed your head making you look like Alicia Keys, where you bought that nice shoe, perfume, that unique Estate you bought a land in and 5 of your friends did just like you.

This why you are broke sometimes


Silhouettes of Business People Discussing with Speech Bubbles

Network Marketing has two types of market,

The Warm Market (People you Know) and The Cold Market (People You Don’t Know)

Bankers, Estate Agents, Insurance Executives etc are all Doing Network Marketing, chasing after the Cold Market Only that their Commissions are Pegged by the Company they work for No Matter how successful they are at it (They do not have absolute Control). After they stop marketing, the pay also stops.

Life Is Generally Network marketing. Only some people have entered agreement to Get a Share of Profit from a Company who is willing to give a share of the profit for that gesture. These people have 100% freedom to Earn as Much Profit they can earn based on their performance (They have absolute control), After they stop Marketing, the pay Still continues.

Everyone is doing Network marketing only that some people get paid for it and focus on where the money is coming from, while others do it for free because its happens naturally in Life.

It has been discovered that Word Of Mouth Advertising is the most effective method of Advertisememt from Ages long. A person always believes a friends recommendation that any other medium. For example , if Shoprite goes on TV and advertise that their bread is so sweet with so much hype, this does not make people go queue to buy that bread than when they hear it from a friend who says they have tasted Shoprite bread and recommend it.

So, Network Marketing is part of Life, so my Network Marketer Reader (That’s you), forget the bad feelings if you have one.

Question Is, why do people now Fail In Network Marketing Business?

1. Answer: They did not fail. they Quit! They only ended up as Customer of the company but they Quit Telling a friend about the Product. They didn’t do it long enough till the point they become successful. The difference between those making lots of money and those that failed is simple, the Money makers did not give up, they continued Telling A friend and another and another until they began to succeed, until they built the skill at doing it well, until they mastered the process.

2. They were Not Right for the Company – Concept of Network Marketing is simple, Become a CUSTOMER and also Tell A Friend To Become A Customer. Some people just want to tell a friend but never checked if they are fit or have the ability to continue as customer. They were attracted by the commissions but did not consider the Cost of being a Loyal Customer based on the Company Requirement.

Example: A company upfront have told you that, to become a customer, you need to buy some products monthly, however, people who failed only thought about the first month purchase but did not check if they have capacity to continue as customer every other month even if they are yet to succeed in Telling a Friend.

Will Share More Insights later.

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