Why Nigerians Hate Network Marketing and Miss Out of Lifetime Opportunities (Part 1


Why Nigerians Hate Network Marketing and Miss Out of Lifetime Opportunities (Part 1

Tell a Nigeria, I want to introduce a business to you,

the response is, ” I hope it’s not all these Network Marketing business?”

This singular act has made many loose opportunities that could have moved them from poverty to riches.

Why is this so?

1. Network Marketing came into Nigeria through people who lacked the knowledge of how the business model works and hence it was approached with the Nigerian mentality, “bring people” and every distributor went on attack on mass recruitment. Even the Bible in Proverbs 19:2 Desire without knowledge is not good— how much more will hasty feet miss the way!

2. Following, Nigerians who missed out on the First Set Of Network Companies decides to import new businesses that are not Real Network Marketing business but Ponzi Schemes or what is called “Pyramid Scheme” and many more fell into their trap and these new guys cut their own cake and disappeared.

The above reasons has brought “suspicious reaction” to every new  businesses that come even if they are Real and Genuine Network business.

What Really is Network Marketing ?

Simply a Company passing over wholesalers and retailers and selling directly to end Users (not really resellers) and when these end users tell their friends and their friends also gets the product, then the company rewards the user with a commission. Another name  for Network Marketing is “Direct Selling” or “Multilevel Marketing”.

What should be your approach to a Network Marketing Business?

1. Sit down and Study the Company Products and reward plan.

2. Do they have products that I can use.

3. Can I recommend (not sell) the product to a friend. This means the product is valuable enough for you to…..


Students whispering in classroom

Students whispering in classroom

If your answer is YES to both questions, then the next step is Sign Up

Next Step after signing up is NOT TO GO AFTER PEOPLE but to learn more about the products and how to do the business from your UPLINE’s team. So, make sure you are connected to at least two team members before moving forward. Understand the compensation plan very well. If its a plan like My Present Company  where you need just to recommend the product to just 2 people and then work with the two as your team members for them to also get their own 2.

Then your work is done once your 2 team members are able to learn from you.

Network marketing strategy is Slow and Steady wins always and not the fast and furious.

The fast and furious always get fat cheques in the beginning but it fades away with time as time was not taken to develop knowledge, strategy and direction as a team. Rather, mass recruitment was the focus.

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Odofin Caleb Is a Professional Network Marketing Trainer, Coach and IT Consultant and passionate about helping people succeed. His 5 year goal is to help about 250 people to earn 6 figure income monthly in Network marketing Business.

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